• Charlotte Aubin-Kalaidjian Chief Executive Officer
  • Gilles Parmentier Chief Investment Officer

Investment Directors

  • Kader Hassane Investment Director
  • Declan Deasy Investment Director
  • Chris Luckhurst Investment Director
  • Bernard Kiernan Investment Director

Investment & Finance

  • Mathilde Girard, CFA Project Finance VP
  • Sarah Bouhassoun Associate
  • Christophe Challe Analyst
  • Max Lander Analyst
  • Alexis Curtis Accountant

Technical & Asset Management

  • Jérôme Crotteux Chief Technical Officer
  • Maxime Bureau Business Developer
  • Astria Fataki Business Developer
  • Mamadou Saliou Sow Asset Manager
  • Chidi Akudike Asset Manager
  • Imisi Osasona Project Development Manager
  • Louis Verin Business Developer


  • Arina Korovina Administrative Assistant

Strategic Advisors

  • Paulo Gomes Strategic advisor
  • Patrick Ponsolle Chairman of GreenWish Africa REN
  • Jean-Louis Vinciguerra President of GreenWish Africa REN Investment Committee
  • Hassan Ba Strategic advisor