GreenWish has made Nigeria a priority country for the deployment of its portfolio of renewable energy projects throughout Africa. Nigeria is heavily dependent on fossil fuels and has to face critical energy challenges such as gas supply disruption and ageing generation and transmission infrastructures. Though it has an installed capacity of 13.5 GW, available production peaks at 3.5 to 4.5 GW. 50% of the population has access to grid power – a rate above regional standards – but households and businesses face frequent power outages and have to rely on onerous and polluting back-up diesel generators.

In addition, unreliable grid power and prohibitive spendings on back-up generation affect local industries and businesses and hinder the economic development of the country.

Invited by CNBC Africa to unveil GreenWish’s ambitions in Africa’s most populous country, Charlotte Aubin-Kalaidjian, Founder and President of GreenWish Partners, highlighted the potential of solar energy to fuel economic growth and social development while contributing to climate change.

Alongside its local partners, GreenWish currently develops two 50 MW solar projects in the northern states of Kaduna and Jigawa and a 100 MW plant in Enugu state. GreenWish is also  in advanced negotiations for several off-grid projects throughout Nigeria.

Bloomberg : GreenWish to invest in $280 million worth solar projects

Following the announcement, Charlotte Aubin-Kalaidjian highlighted to Bloomberg that GreenWish will invest in $280 million worth projects in Nigeria.

“We only take risks where solar makes sense, where it is competitive and where there is political support” . “This government is very committed to developing power and renewables, especially in regions where there is no gas available.” she highlighted.

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